My name is Kieron Wilson, and I am a Freelance Graphic Designer/ Artist working out Of Newcastle Australia. 
I have been drawing my entire life but got my proper start in 2016 doing freelance art and design for myself as well as commissions for people in my area . In 2017 I began to delve into animation, with my HSC marks from my major work allowing me to attend the University of Newcastle in 2018. I began studying a Bachelors Degree of Visual Communication Design which I graduated from in 2020, now currently undertaking my post-graduate Honours year. 
 Over the past year I have gained a modest amount of attention working with bands in the local Newcastle music scene, allowing my work to reach new audiences. I am very passionate about music and film as well as illustration and animation, and working with bands gives me the platform to combine those interests through the form of music videos, album art, T-shirts and other related media. 
My love of Psychedelic art and music has influenced and shaped my personal style over the years, using bold shapes and colours to develop a distinct artistic image. I hope to continue working with bands in the years to come and continue growing as a professional graphic designer and brand.
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